Childhood trauma creates an imprint on our system. The same goes for the way you function in life. As well as living life thinking that it is "NORMAL" to always attract similar partners. Or that our relationships end the same way. In fact, our life situations are recurring. And we are not aware of that, we are not aware of what the background really is. And then we realize that not everything is so "NORMAL". It just seemed that way to us.

And then we turn to work on ourselves in the form of self-help books. Or digging on the net. Then attending workshops. And only the most aware or the bravest go to psychotherapy. The essence is to touch anger, rage and sadness through working on ourselves. And most importantly, let's get it out of us. Because only then are we ready to forgive those who hurt us, most often unaware that they are doing it.

Through connection with another human being, whether it is a partner, therapist or a group that holds our space, there is reconciliation and healing.

In this complex process that is time consuming, I went through it myself and that is why I do not believe in quick solutions in the form of one workshop, one therapy or online group meditation.

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